My steps turned Into Success



  • Michael Anderson Jr. as Clayt Monroe
  • Liam Sullivan as Majoy Mapoy
  • Barbara Hershey as Kathy Monroe
  • James Westmoreland as Ruel Jaxon
  • Keith & Kevin Schultz as Big Twin and Little Twin
  • Ron Soble as Indian Jim
  • Tammy Locke as Amy Monroe
  • Ben Johnson as Sleeve

Barbara Hershey and Tammy Locke Meet for the first time in 50 years

"Once a Thief"


  • Ann-Margret as Christine Pedak (my mother)
  • Jack Palance as Walter Pedak (my uncle)
  • Steve Mitchell as Frank Kane (not pictured)
  • Alain Delon as Eddie Pedak (my father)
  • John Davis Chandler as James Arthur Sargatanas, Walter's Henchman
  • Tony Musante as Cleveland 'Cleve' Shoenstein, Walter's Henchman
  • Tammy Locke as Kathy Pedak
  • Van Heflin as Inspector Mike Vido SFPD (not pictured)
  • Jeff Corey as Lt. Kebner SFPD (not pictured)

"TV Pilot Meet Me in St. Louis"


  • Celeste Holm as Mrs. Smith (not pictured)
  • Shelley Fabares as Esther (not pictured)
  • Wesley Addy as Mr. Smith
  • Morgan Brittany as Agnes (as Suzanne Cupito) (not pictured)
  • Tammy Locke as Tootie
  • Rita Shaw as Katie (not pictured)



Buck Taylor validating Tammy Locke on GUNSMOKE

"Alcoa Premiere" "The Voice of Charlie Pont "


  • Fred Astaire as Himself the Host
  • Bill Bixby as Brune
  • Robert Redford as George Laurents (my father)
  • Bradford Dillman as Charlie Pont
  • Diana Hyland as Liza Laurents (my mother)
  • Tammy Locke as Sally Laurents

"Hang 'Em High"


Clint Eastwood

So many people ask me why my name is not in the cast under the movie Hang 'Em High. I was told by Imdb after I furnished them proof of payments from acting in it that it was overlooked when printed. If you look at the title under Imdb you will see that there are alot of added cast with the term "Uncredited" next to it. Here is my proof that I was IN FACT in Hang 'Em High with Clint Eastwood.


Bruce Dern and Tammy Locke

"Disney Kickin It "



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