Tammy Jean’s 45 Record 1982

In 1982 I recorded a 45 record. My only record. We printed 250 copies and they are with family, friends and fans... Unfortunetly the record was never released due to miss management and alot of other things.. But I want to tell you.. there was alot of great memories in this record and the making of it.. and for that I will never forget it.. I came across the 45 last week while going through some boxes. Since I do not own a turn table I decided to find a recording studio and have it pressed into a CD.. Thank you so much Darrell Ashley of Studio 9, (909) 923-9955!! You truly are a expert in your field!!! I look forward to future ventures in the world of music.....You are a very wonderful man in helping me do this!! Without delay here they are.. My record from long ago... Hey! By the way, if anyone has ever heard of "Miss Belle Armstrong" she sang backup my record and would love to say hello again..

Track 1: Reflecting in The Memories of Your Lies
​Love Always Tammy